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Why Junk Removal Companies Are a Better Option

Why Junk Removal Companies Are a Better Option 23 Aug

Out here in the junk world there are a few options on how to get rid of your junk. You can take a few alternative routes for getting your junk removed without using a junk removal company but there are some downfalls for taking the alternative. Below we will discuss some of the alternative routes:

1. Roll Off Dumpsters

Many people use roll off dumpsters rather a junk removal company because they think it can either be more effective or they don’t even know junk removal companies exist and what they do. The cons on getting a roll off are different for people depending on why they need to get the dumpster in the first place. But getting a dumpster requires a big steel box sitting on your driveway or on the road next to your sidewalk for multiple days. There is a set fee no matter how much you fill the dumpster and you have to do all the labor yourself. Junk removal companies charge by the volume, they have a crew that comes out and does all the labor for you with no additional fee and they don’t leave any steel boxes behind.

2. Bagster

One of the things we actually remove from jobs quite often are the big green bags called Bagster. People tend to buy them because they run into them at Home Depot or other hardware stores and think they are a good deal but in reality they aren’t. Bagsters can only fit 3 cubic yards of rubbish in them and you end up paying $130 for the whole ordeal. You spend less money using our company for 3 cubic yards and we do all the labor.

3. Doing It Yourself

Some people choose to do the junk removal process by themselves which can be a hassle. First you will need some sort of truck. The size of the truck really depends on what you need removed and how much you have. You might need to rent a truck which will end up costing you money along with the dump fees. Another downside of doing it yourself involves you doing the labor, which you might not have the proper tools for bigger items. We recommend people to save themselves some time and money and hire a junk removal company.