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mobile-icon Call to schedule your FREE !+(01) 800 527 4800
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Vehicle Junk Removal

Many companies offer free junk car removal. Fewer offer free removal and cash. buymyjunkbusiness offers free vehicle removal and top-dollar on the spot. If you have an old car, truck, van or SUV which requires removal and could use a few extra dollars to boot call buymyjunkbusiness's now and a vehicle valuation specialist will provide you with a firm offer for your car in only a few minutes.

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House Junk Removal

Whether you have just one piece of furniture or an entire house full of old funiture and belongings to be donated and disposed, you can count on buymyjunkbussiness to handle your furniture removal quick, fast and stress-free!. At buymyjunkbussiness, we'll remove your old furniture quickly and efficiently.As a part of our furniture removal service, we provide you with two, clean-cut buymyjunkbussiness who will remove furniture from anywhere on your property.

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Garbage Junk Removal

Get all your junk and clutter cleaned out of your garage today with buymyjunkbussiness. Just sit back and watch all your junk disappears and let us do all the heavy lifting and loading.When you hire The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew for your garage cleaning , you will save BIG on the disposal fees as well, because after all, junk is our specialty.We will clean away any unwanted junk.

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Commercial Junk Removal

buymyjunkbusiness is the stress-free solution for removing no-longer needed furniture and items of all sizes from your office.Whether you have a mountain of clutter in the office closet or just one heavy item, it can be a nightmare to de-clutter your office. When you call the buymyjunkbusiness to your rescue, though, we’ll handle every phase of the process.Don’t forget the famous slogan, “Your Clutter is Our Bread & Butter“.

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Medical Junk Removal

At buymyjunkbussiness we work with hospitals and medical offices to properly remove and recycle their unwanted medical equipment and supplies. From X-ray machines to hospital beds, wheelchairs and scooters, exercise equipment, exam tables, utility carts, treatment tables, IV Poles, medical carts, patient scales, patient monitoring equipment, Ultrasound machines, stair chairs, laser equipment, pumps, stretchers, dental chairs, digital imaging equipment, shower chairs, commodes.

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Carpet Junk Removal

Are you getting sick of looking at those nasty stains on that old carpet of yours? Are you tired of cleaning it over and over again and winding up with the same result? Or do you just want a new color for your carpet? Either way, Stand Up Guys can help you with all of your carpet removal needs. Having old carpet removed with The buymyjunkbussiness Crew is as simple as pie.

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