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Removing Dust from the Workplace

Removing Dust from the Workplace 24 Feb

Dust is a real problem in many work environments. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Whenever people inhale airborne dust at work, they are at risk of occupational disease. Year after year, both in developed and in developing countries, overexposure to dusts causes disease, temporary and permanent disabilities and deaths.” Airborne dust can also contaminate inventory or lead to fire or an explosion. For the health and safety of your workforce, workplace and the environment, dust control is a crucial part of maintaining certain facilities.

One of the main advantages of owning an industrial floor sweeper is extreme dust control that is achieved by utilizing one of the quality floor sweepers available at Factory Cleaning Equipment. The Factory Cat model 34, for example, is equipped with a unique baghouse filtration system. Using this tool it is possible to sweep an entire bag of cement from the floor without creating any airborne dust. When using a push broom, the dust becomes airborne which can make its way onto the inventory, product shelves, your employees’ lungs, or back onto the floor. This particular machine can sweep about 10 times faster than a person can manually sweep the floor, making it extremely effective at reducing labor costs as well. In addition to dust, many floor sweepers are able to remove large and small debris from the floor, and even pull hard to reach debris from under racks, shelves, expansion joints, and cracks in the floor. Industries where materials are being cut, drilled, grinded, or broken generally create the most dust in the workplace, but they are not the only industries that have dust problems.

There are a lot of dusters, waxes, polishes, and other cleaning products out there for helping you remove dust from the workplace. It’s important to choose products that are safe for the environment and for your workforce. Melaleuca products, like Rustic Touch furniture polish and dust remover, contain no harmful toxins or chemicals. They are much safer than commercial-grade solvents.

Good cleaning practices including regularly scheduled cleanings and the use of floor sweepers instead of push brooms are just two of the ways that one can minimize the effects of dust in the workplace. The safety of employees should always be the first priority. Personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses or a filtration mask, offer protections but they should not be used as a total replacement for proper dust control. Indoor air quality is something that should not be ignored. The value of a floor sweeper is more than just labor savings. It is also the extreme dust control that can be achieved through regular use.