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How to dejunk garage

How do you dejunk a garage before winter sets in? This is a question many readers have asked as they say goodbye to the dog days of summer and prepare for the dreary, cold days of winter. For many, summer is a time when they are excited to begin tackling summer projects, like dejunking a garage or disposing of big appliances. However, because summer is so warm, dejunking a garage is often placed on the backburner because there’s no hurry to make room to store your vehicle to protect it from the elements (i.e. snow!).

Now that you’ve procrastinated the day of your garage cleaning, here are some helpful tips to get your garage decluttered in a hurry, so that you can once again park your vehicle safely under a roof.

5 tips to dejunk a garage

(1) Begin by moving everything outside.

A great starting point is to move EVERYTHING that’s on the garage floor, outside. Sure, it will make it look as if you’re preparing for a yard sale, but this is a necessary step to begin decluttering.

(2) Once everything is moved outside, begin placing things in their proper place one-at-a-time.

This takes patience, but trust me, you’ll enjoy this part of the process. You’ll start to discover items that you thought were long gone. This is also a time for you to decide what items need to be trashed (see next step).

(3) Throw stuff away!

A big part of dejunking is throwing stuff in the junk! Have a truck ready, because your goal should be to fill the back of a pickup truck with junk to send to the dump. It’s amazing how satisfying it is to throw stuff away.

(4) Put hooks on walls and the ceiling

Wall space and ceiling space is very underutilized in garage organizing. By putting hooks in the walls and ceilings, you can store items like extension cords, garden tools, and more.

(5) Your garage isn’t dejunked unless you can park your car(s) in it

Your work isn’t complete until you can park your car or cars in it. Resist the urge to end your dejunking day early. And when I say day, I mean it could take an ENTIRE DAY!


Folks, cleaning and dejunking is a good thing! Embrace it and you’ll find that it will be one of the most satisfying chores you’ll complete all year!