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Hauling junk in a pandemic

Hauling junk in a pandemic 27 May

It’s cliche to say, but I’ll say it anyway: No industry has been unaffected by this year’s pandemic. While some have been blessed and some have been devastated, most businesses lie somewhere in the middle–in a kind of economic purgatory as they await the next chapter of COVID-19.

While in this “purgatory”, companies are finding new ways to do business and create a “new normal.” Drive-in movie theaters are roaring back to life. Buffet restaurants are scrambling to enter the take-away world. Car dealerships are perfecting the art of selling a car online. Churches are giving sermons through Facebook Live. Gyms are offering fitness classes through Zoom. Big box retailers are shepherding retailers through one-way aisles while enforcing maximum-number-of-shoppers-in-the-building policies.

And junk hauling companies are hauling more than just junk.

In an article published in Chicago’s Daily Herald, a journalist highlighted the challenges a junk hauler is facing as her company suffers evaporating demand. The junk hauling business owner, Sarah Mawhorr, bemoaned the crisis and its affects on the housing marketing which directly affects her primary service which is hauling junk for homeowners preparing to sell their homes.

“This is usually a time where I would be really busy,” Mawhorr told the journalist. “This business, junk hauling, is driven by the real estate market.”

Instead of waiting for the real estate market to kick back into gear, Mawhorr has turned to hauling other things, including yard waste. In short, if the customer will pay for it to be hauled away, she’ll consider the invitation. And while yard waste doesn’t yield the revenue as hauling junk furniture, at least it’s work and some revenue . . . which is something millions of Americans are praying for as they await the end of the pandemic.